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Connecting your Blacksburg smart home to Google or Alexa

June 18, 2021
Google Nest paired with Vivint Home Security

Wouldn't it be ideal if you had the ability to power your Blacksburg security system by your voice? You can when you connect your Vivint smart home to your current AI assistant, like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. After you launch the Vivint skill, you can control all your security cameras, alarms, and home automation devices with your Nest or Echo speakers. Then when you're getting things ready to say goodnight or leave the house, Simply tell your smart device to guard the house and watch your home transition into guard mode.

Check out more about connecting your Blacksburg smart home to Alexa or Google:

How do you sync your Blacksburg smart home to your Amazon Echo or Google Home

Simply adhere to these easy steps to sync your Blacksburg smart home to your Amazon components:

  • After you set up your Alexa device, log into the Amazon Alexa app and click on Skills & Games.

  • Find the Vivint Smart Home Skill. You should find two different Alexa skills: Vivint Basic and Vivint Complete.

  • Turn on both the Compete and Basic skills. The Complete skill provides you total control of your connected home security and home automation devices, but you need to start out with, "Alexa, ask Vivint to set the alarms." The Basic skill empowers you to change lights, thermostats, and other automation pieces by merely saying, "Alexa, flip on the lights."

  • Alexa will need you to log into your Vivint profile so it can pair.

  • You can now operate your Vivint system with your Echo devices.

Vivint home security control panel

If you prefer Google over Alexa, here is how to link your Blacksburg smart home into your Google Nest:

  • Open the Google Home app on your smartphone and press the + icon in the top left part of the screen.

  • Click on set up device and press the Have Something Already Set Up option.

  • Find Vivint and click to pair the accounts.

  • Permit Google to handle your Vivint system and log into your Vivint system.

  • You can appoint your components smart devices to your rooms to make your Google Home experience simpler.

  • Wrap up by saying, "Hey, Google, sync with Vivint," and you are free to command your Vivint equipment with Google smart speakers.

What voice commands work with your Nest or Echo devices?

You can control almost every function of your Blacksburg smart home through your AI assistant. Check the situation with your smart components, transfer to a preset mode, or minutely tweak a setting by user-friendly vocal commands. Or ask your Echo or Nest device to organize your system just like you could through the Vivint App.

Here are just a few commands you can assign to your AI assistant:

  • “Set my security system to away.”

  • “Lock all the doors.”

  • “Power off my kitchen light.”

  • “Did I forget the garage door open?”

  • "Save a clip of my outdoor camera."

  • "Turn down the heat 3 degrees."

  • “Turn off the kid’s room light in an hour.”

You can also set procedures in your Alexa or Google Home app that combine multiple functions. For example, use "Alexa, I'm leaving the house," and trigger your alarms, reduce the thermostat, and lock the doors. Or create a scene for "date night" and order your smart home to lower the lighting and set the thermostat to just the right level.

Get the best smart security system to pair to your Alexa or Google devices

As you're looking for the ultimate Blacksburg security system for your home, turn to Vivint. A Vivint specialist will help you customize your smart home for your needs. Just call (540) 340-9402 or send in the form below to begin.